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Welcome to Doing It. This monthly subscription newsletter is a collaboration between moderators Joan Clark and David Bartholomewand you. Consider us a community of coaches and workout partners mutually urging each other on as we attempt to blow the lid off any pre-conceived limitations on what is possible in the arenas of personal growth, goal achievement, human potential and positive living.

david bartholomew, joan clark
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Where most of us have lived in what we have dubbed "The Age of Commiseration"--

  • in which we have all learned to prepare for more bad news than good,
  • where we compete for the bragging rights as to who has had it toughest,
  • and any attempt at prolonged discussion of the positive in one's life gets one branded a simpleton, or boring

-- we stand for a new way of being in which we can stretch our comfort zones up, up, up… and life is everything except boring.

Each month you will receive in your inbox (with a snail mail option available) an issue of Doing It full of:

  • monthly inspiration
  • regular features
  • tools and exercises to take you from issue to issue
  • male and female perspectives
  • tips and correspondence from you as to WhatÕs Working in your lives
  • and special features as we tailor this work to the wants and needs of us all.

Also included will be access to the expanded members-only, password-accessible section of this webpage, growing to include:

  • more stories, tips and correspondence
  • added exercises
  • bulletin board
  • archives of past issues
  • etc.

Because you are still reading this we are betting you are one who is ready to:

  • put away struggle
  • join/expand your tribe or community of like-minded and visionary people
  • remove the blocks and barriers to your true essence
  • co-create and bring about your optimum life/world/vision.

Those who say there are no more frontiers to conquer… those who believe reality is something to be accepted rather than created… are not ready to take the leap inward.

Hey! DoingIt! is best when shared with friends!

Consider starting a DoingIt! study group or circle in your area. Once a member,
use the DoingIt! forum to bring together nearby groups and individuals.


"Doing It" is a phrase Joan and David have used for a while now. Committed to the goal of living intentionally, in spirit, and by way of making a living from creative projects dear to our hearts… amidst the reality that our bank account wasn't so sure it was possible… we would regularly look at each other, nod in agreement that despite the numbers we continued to make it from this place of sincerity to the commitment, gratitude and appreciation for all we had and honoring of our creative abilities… shake our heads in amazement and utter, "We're Doing It".

On a particular day toward the end of the summer of 2003, as David and Joan were being tested to the extreme (financial and otherwise), the phrase popped into David's head yet again. There was an acknowledgement that having had to go back to work of the past, in a state 1800 miles west of their home, and work apart from Joan trying to "keep the dream alive"… was only a temporary situation; that, as we all know the phrase-- we are spiritual beings having a human experience; that perhaps relaying this experience of staying true to such lofty values and beliefs would be of value to others going through the same thing; and that the time to write of it was while in the midst of it, as opposed to once things looked all peachy keen.

Thus was Doing It birthed.

We are proud of the work we are doing. We have been impressed with the grace with which we have handled varying degrees of pressure and the tenderness with which we have treated each other through most of it all. And in response to the growing numbers of friends and strangers we hear discussing jobs that they just can't do anymore because they're about more than that, and people feeling the universal push to grow and leave behind situations of the past in order to achieve their own essence… we are releasing Doing It as a shared vehicle for the positive change in us all.

We know this process is working for us. We feel the changing energy and witness daily all kinds of signs and signals confirming this is the right path to be on. This path is open to all who wish to walk it and requires no religious or belief system other than faith in yourself (and whatever your higher power) to be able to effect desired change in your life.

We hope you will be interested enough to Read the Sample Issue, View the Quicktime or Flash movie Introduction, and decide to Subscribe. While we don't specifically know where we are headed-- with the common goals of a number of us involved we are sure it will be a valuable experience and a wild ride!

You may find a home in the Doing It community.

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Press Release- April '04- PR Newswire (23kb)
Press Release- October '05 (28kb)

Sample Issue 1 (76kb)
Sample Issue 2 (92kb)

Oct. 05 Press Packet Cover Sheet (32kb)
Oct. 05 Press Packet Additional Excerpts (456kb)
Oct. 05 Press Packet Subscription Card (144kb)

david bartholomew, joan clark

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david bartholomew, joan clark